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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An experimental investigation of the azimuthal structures formed during the ablation phase of wire array z-pinchesLebedev, Sergey; Swadling, George Forrester
Mar-2017Experimental studies and modelling of charge transport and defect states in disordered organic semiconductorsNelson, Jenny; Shi, Xingyuan
Sep-2013Experimental Studies of the Interaction of Radiatively Cooled Supersonic Plasma Jets with Ambient PlasmaLebedev, Sergey; de Grouchy, Philip William Legeyt;
Jul-2017An experimental study in the variation of the near-circular polarisation properties in Scarabaeoidae beetlesWeir, Kenny; McCall, Martin W; Carter, Ian Edward;
May-2015Experimental study of differentially rotating supersonic plasma flows produced by aluminium wire array Z-pinchesLebedev, Sergey; Bennett, Matthew;
Jun-2013Experimental Study of Plasma Implosion Dynamics in a Two-Stage Wire Array Z-Pinch ConfigurationLebedev, Sergey; Khoory, Essa
Apr-2018Experimental study of radiative shocks in noble gases on the Orion laser and the MAGPIE pulsed-power facilitySuzuki-Vidal, Francisco; Lebedev, Sergey; Clayson, Thomas;
-Experimental study of radiatively cooled magnetically driven plasma jetsLebedev, Professor Sergey; Suzuki Vidal, Francisco Andres
Jul-2014Experimental study of reverse shock structure in magnetised high energy density plasma flows driven by an inverse wire array Z pinchLebedev, Sergey; Suttle, Lee;
Nov-2015An Experimental Study on the Dynamic Compression and Subsequent Freezing of WaterBland, Simon; Eakins, Daniel; Stafford, Samuel John Piney;
Dec-2015Experimentally measured oscillator strengths and associated radiative lifetimes of neutral vanadium using Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and Laser-Induced FluorescencePickering, Juliet; Holmes, Charlotte Emma;
Mar-2018Experiments with LISA Pathfinder: Cosmic Rays and Fundamental PhysicsSumner, Timothy; Baird, Jonathon;
Nov-2015Exploiting nonlinearity in optical fibres and nanomaterials for short-pulse laser technologyPopov, Sergei; Woodward, Robert;
Apr-2013Exploring b to s electroweak penguin decays at LHCbEgede, Ulrik; Shires, Alexander
Mar-2014Exploring the Early Universe with Gravitational WavesRajantie, Arttu; Bethke, Laura Bianca;
Jul-2012Extended depth of fieldTorok, Peter; Ramirez Hernandez, Pavel;
Apr-2018Extended magneto-hydrodynamic effects in indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion experimentsChittenden, Jeremy; Walsh, Christopher;
Jun-2015Extending high harmonic generation spectroscopy to new molecular speciesMarangos, Jon; Tisch, John; McGrath, Felicity;
Jun-2020Extending the physics reach of the LUX and LZ dark matter experiments by lowering the scintillation thresholdAraujo, Henrique; Marangou, Nellie;
Mar-2022Extending the spectral coverage of fibre lasers using nonlinear frequency conversionTaylor, James Roy; Chandran, Anita Mary;