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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021Emulation and compression for weak lensing cosmologyHeavens, Alan; Jaffe, Andrew; Leclercq, Florent; Mootoovaloo, Arrykrishna;
Oct-2018Encoding correlations in open quantum systemsNazir, Ahsan; Chin, Alex W; Rudolph, Terry; Blunden-Codd, Zachary John;
Dec-2019Energetic Radiation from Wakefield Acceleration and its ApplicationsMangles, Stuart; Gerstmayr, Elias
Apr-2018Energy storage at Perovskite interfacesFoulkes, Matthew; Davies, Peter
Oct-2015Engineering and characterisation of quantum non-Gaussian statesKim, Myungshik; Hughes, Catherine
Dec-2014Enhanced light-matter interactions in laser systems incorporating metal-based optical confinementMaier, Stefan; Oulton, Rupert; Sidiropoulos, Themistoklis
Nov-2010Enhancement of Self-Organisation and Adaptivity in Laser SystemsDamzen, Michael; Shardlow, Peter Charles
Sep-2018Entanglement and quantum clocks in curved spacetimeFuentes, Ivette; Kim, Myungshik; Lock, Maximilian;
Feb-2021Entropy production and the climateHaigh, Joanna; Brindley, Helen; Gibbins, Rose Goodwin;
Jan-2013Evaluating mineral dust aerosol retrieval and its direct radiative effect with a view towards improving forecasts in the UK Met Office NWP modelToumi, Ralf; Brindley, Helen; Ansell, Catherine
May-2021The Evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections in the HeliosphereForsyth, Robert; Davies, Emma;
2010Evolution of optical gain properties through three generations of electroluminescent fluorene-based polymersBradley, Donal; Cheung, E Cheung Cora;
2011Exact Results on Moduli Spaces of Supersymmetric Gauge TheoriesHanany, Amihay; Mekareeya, Noppadol;
Sep-2015Excitation dynamics of strongly dissipative quantum systemsNazir, Ahsan; Rudolph, Terry; Iles-Smith, Jake;
Mar-2020Excited states in organic semiconductors: theoretical studies of optical spin injection, polaron formation and singlet fissionNelson, Jenny; Szumska, Anna Antonina
Sep-2015Exciton transport in organic nanostructuresMaier, Stefan; Abdelmoula, Tarik;
Sep-2017Exotic gauge theories of spin-2 fieldsTolley, Andrew; Ondo, Nicholas Andrew;
Jan-2013Experimental investigation of supersonic plasma jets colliding with thin metallic foilsLebedev, Sergey; Bland, Simon; Pickworth, Louisa Alyce
2011An experimental investigation of the azimuthal structures formed during the ablation phase of wire array z-pinchesLebedev, Sergey; Swadling, George Forrester
Mar-2017Experimental studies and modelling of charge transport and defect states in disordered organic semiconductorsNelson, Jenny; Shi, Xingyuan