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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Analysis of outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) in different timescales over Africa and Atlantic OceanHarries, John; Chan, Kwun Pan;
Jun-2012An Analysis of the Hydrological Cycle and Poleward Heat Transports Simulated by Two Climate ModelsCzaja, Arnaud; Dancel, Christopher Marlon
Nov-2018Analytic and numerical analysis of the cosmic 21cm signalHeavens, Alan; Pritchard, Jonathan; Schmit, Claude;
Jun-2013The angular analysis of the B0 to K*0μ+μ- decay at LHCbEgede, Ulrik; Patel, Mitesh; Parkinson, Christopher
Jul-2020Angular analysis of the B0 to K*0μ+μ- decay at the LHCb experimentPatel, Mitesh; Egede, Ulrik; Kress, Felix Johannes;
Dec-2014Aperture correlation microscopyNeil, Mark; Fafchamps, Lionel;
Jun-2014Apparatus design and experimental studies of XUV initiated HHGMarangos, Jon; Tisch, John; Hutchinson, Simon;
Sep-2018Application of algebraic diagrammatic construction theory with B-spline and gaussian-type basis on static and dynamical electronic systemsAverbukh, Vitali; Yun, Renjie;
Dec-2017Application of Bayesian statistics in Supernovae Ia cosmologyTrotta, Roberto; Shariff, Hikmatali Ansar
Dec-2018Application of cosmic microwave background techniques to a gravitational wave stochastic backgroundJaffe, Andrew; Conneely, Ciarán;
Apr-2018Application of FPGAs to triggering in high energy physicsNash, Jordan; Tapper, Alex; Summers, Sioni;
Feb-2022Application of multi-colour femtosecond pulses towards light-matter interactionsTisch, John; Pettipher, Allan;
-The application of non merit function based methods to the correction of optical systemsMaxwell, Jon; Hull, Christopher Charles;
May-2020Application of x-ray diagnostics to the characterisation of pulsed power driven magnetic reconnection experimentsLebedev, Sergey; Halliday, Jonathan
Aug-2015Applications of metal oxides in the contact systems of organic electronic devicesBradley, Donal; Stavrinou, Paul; Lofts, Edward;
Feb-2018Applications of regional ocean Ensemble Kalman Filter data assimilationToumi, Ralf; Li, Yi
Oct-2013Applications of scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy in the infraredPhillips, Chris; Yoxall, Edward;
Sep-2015Aspects of integrability in string sigma-modelsTseytlin, Arkady; Stepanchuk, Andrej;
Sep-2010Aspects of M-theory and quantum informationDuff, Michael; Borsten, Leron
Oct-2011Aspects of Time in Quantum TheoryHalliwell, Jonathan; Yearsley, James M.