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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012Direct searches for WIMP dark matter with ZEPLIN-IIIAraujo, Henrique; Currie, Alastair Edward
Sep-2014Directly probing thin film morphology - optoelectronic property relationships in organic and hybrid solar cellsKim, Ji-Seon; Nelson, Jenny; Wood, Sebastian;
Aug-2017Discrete crack dynamics and its application to study fracture in polycrystalline diamondDini, Daniele; Balint, Daniel; Sutton, Adrian; Tajabadi Ebrahimi, Mahdieh;
Jun-2021Discrete random spacetimes: covariance and quantization in growth dynamics for causal setsDowker, Helen; Zalel, Stav;
Jul-2012Disformal gravityMagueijo, Joao; Noller, Johannes Joachimov
Jul-2019Distinguishability in quantum interferenceWalmsley, Ian; Kim, Myungshik; Jones, Alexander Edward;
Oct-2011Domain walls in spin-valve nanotracks: characterisation and applicationsCowburn, Russell; Branford, Will; Sampaio, Joao Miguel Ramos Melo;
May-2020Driven-dissipative Bose-Einstein condensation of just a few photonsNyman, Robert; Mintert, Florian; Walker, Benjamin;
May-2021The drivers and timescales of solar wind-magnetosphere-Ionosphere coupling in global MHD simulationsEastwood, Jonathan; Eggington, Joseph;
Aug-2016Droplets: from molecular nanoclusters to atmospheric aerosolsJackson, George; Haynes, Peter; Hunt, Patricia; Lau, Gabriel
Nov-2018Drug release from a quantum rattleFinnis, Michael; Stevens, Molly; Diez Fernandez, Amanda;
Mar-2019Duality and geometry of string theoryHull, Chris; Chaemjumrus, Nipol;
Nov-2011Dust in stationary and flowing plasmasCoppins, Michael; Willis, Christopher Thomas Nigel
Sep-2016Dust-plasma interactions In the plasma edge regionCoppins, Michael; Cameron, Richard;
Aug-2014A dynamic discrete dislocation plasticity model for the study of plastic relaxation under shock loadingBalint, Daniel; Dini, Daniele; Sutton, Adrian; Eakins, Daniel; Gurrutxaga Lerma, BeƱat, et al
Oct-2014Dynamic fracture and fragmentation: studies in Ti-6Al-4VEakins, Daniel; Proud, William; Jones, David;
Dec-2017Dynamic loading of periosteum-derived mesenchymal stromal cellsProud, William G; Rankin, Sara M; Chapman, David; Sory, David Roger Raymond;
Jan-2014Dynamic Pressure Pulses in Earth's Dayside MagnetosheathHorbury, Tim; Archer, Martin;
Dec-2021Dynamical metasurfaces: electromagnetic properties and instabilitiesPendry, John; Oue, Daigo;
Sep-2021Dynamics of a mechanical object at the quantum levelKim, Myungshik; Ma, Yue;