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Oct-2014Arrhythmogenic sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium leak in isolated ventricular cardiomyocytes - changes in heart failure and mechanisms of pharmacological modulationMacLeod, Kenneth; Lyon, Alexander; Harding, Sian; Sikkel, Markus;
Jul-2015Assessing airways deposition, physiology and pharmacokinetics of monodisperse aerosols in obstructive lung diseaseUsmani, Omar; Biddiscombe, Martyn; Kalsi, Harpal
Jul-2013Assessment of intra-coronary pressure and flow velocity relations distal to coronary stenoses to derive a novel index of stenosis severityDavies, Justin; Francis, Darrel; Mayet, Jamil; Hughes, Alun; Sen, Sayan, et al
Jun-2016Assessment of nanomedicine preparations as potential therapies for pulmonary arterial hypertensionMitchell, Professor Jane A; Chester, Dr.Adrian H; Mohamed, Nura;
Oct-2010The assessment of right ventricular function during and following routine cardiac surgery and the evaluation of preserving pericardial integrityFrancis, Darrel; Mayet, Jamil; Unsworth, Bethan;
Sep-2021Assessment of the nanomechanical properties of healthy and atherosclerotic coronary arteries by atomic force microscopyde Silva, Pettahandige Ranil; Krams, Rob; Savvopoulos, Fotios;
Apr-2016Assessment of the relationship between serum 25-­hydroxyvitamin D3, human alveolar macrophage function, and in vitro and in vivo outcomes of M. tuberculosis exposureLalvani, Ajit; Kon, Onn Min; Connell, David;
Apr-2011Asthma and occupation in the 1958 birth cohortCullinan, Paul; Jarvis, Debbie; Ghosh, Rebecca;
Nov-2013Asthma induced exacerbation of bacterial pneumonia.Hussell, Tracy; Lloyd, Clare; Lavender, Paul; Habibzay, Maryam; , et al
Jul-2016Augmenting pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: studies of ACE-inhibition and nitrate supplementationHopkinson, Nicholas; Polkey, Michael; Man, William; Curtis, Katrina Jane; , et al
Sep-2017An auto-titrating (intelligent) oxygen system in patients with chronic respiratory failureSimonds, Anita; Morrell, Mary; Moghal, Mohammad Ehsan Ul-Haq;
Mar-2020Automated algorithm-driven methods of localising drivers of persistent atrial fibrillation using atrial fibrillation cycle length and atrial fibrillation voltageLim, Phang Boon; Peters, Nicholas; Nagy, Szabolcs Zsadany;
Aug-2015Autotitrating non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in patients with hypercapnic ventilatory failureMorrell, Mary; Simonds, Anita; Kelly, Julia Louise;
Dec-2014The Axl receptor tyrosine kinase is a discriminator of macrophage function in the inflamed lungHussell, Tracy; Snelgrove, Robert; Fujimori, Toshifumi
Apr-2020The bacterial and fungal communities in the airways of adults with asthma and eosinophilic lung diseasesMoffatt, Miram; Menzies-Gow, Andrew; Cookson, William; McBrien, Claire Nichola;
Jul-2014The baseline instantaneous wave-free ratio as an index of coronary disease severity: relationship with fractional flow reserve and coronary flow reserveDavies, Justin; Francis, Darrel; Mayet, Jamil; Huges, Alun; Petraco Da Cunha, Ricardo, et al
Jan-2016The behaviour of the cystic fibrosis respiratory epithelium and its response to multidose CFTR gene therapyAlton, Eric; Davies, Jane; Simmonds, Nicholas; Waller, Michael David
Sep-2017A bench to bedside investigation into defective innate immunity in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseDonnelly, Louise; Barnes, Peter; Batista, Craig;
Jun-2013Bicuspid aortic valve and associated aortopathy: a combined biomechanics, histological and genetic analysisGatzoulis, Michael; Johnson, Mark; Ho, Yen; Babu-Narayan, Sonya; Prapa, Stamatia, et al
Feb-2019Bile acid G-protein coupled receptors signalling in the fetal heartGorelik, Julia; Ibrahim, Effendi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 469