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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Modulation of nuclear receptor activity by FHL proteins in the regulation of muscle mass and phenotypeKemp, Paul; Lori, Oritseundede Dede;
Nov-2016Human helper T cell responses to RSV infectionChiu, Christopher; Openshaw, Peter; Guvenel, Aleks Kamer;
Oct-2016Nanoparticles, sensory irritation and the lung: Environmental influences on biological processesBelvisi, Maria; Tetley, Terry; Porter, Alexandra; Robinson, Ryan Karis; , et al
Oct-2014The innate anti-viral effects of Azithromycin and other novel macrolidesEdwards, Michael; Hewson, Chris; Johnston, Sebastian; Porter, James Daniel; , et al
May-2015Prevalence of sub clinical atherosclerosis among UK South Asians and EuropeansKooner, Jaspal; De silva, Ranil; Jain, Piyush;
Aug-2013The regulation of cell-cell adhesion by GTPase activating proteinsBraga, Vania; Magee, Tony; McCormack, Jessica;
Nov-2013The role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in airways diseaseAdcock, Ian; Barnes, Peter; Durham, Andrew; Russell, Kirsty;
Apr-2020Modulation of chemoattractant receptor function by C-terminus interactionsPease, James; Solari, Roberto; Patel, Pallavi;
Dec-2019Investigating the role of cytokine signalling in human T follicular helper cell differentiation and functionHarker, James; Lloyd, Clare; Foster, William Stefan;