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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Cytoskeletal and integrin-mediated mechanobiology of the alveolar epitheliumGriffiths, Mark; Dean, Charlotte; Johnson, Mark; Salman, David;
Sep-2016The contact electrogram and its architectural determinants in persistent human atrial fibrillation: understanding the electroarchitecture of the arrhythmic substrateKanagaratnam, Prapa; Francis, Darrel; Peters, Nicholas; Qureshi, Norman; , et al
Sep-2016Novel insights into in vivo functions of the asthma susceptibility gene ORMDL3Lloyd, Clare M; Zhang, Youming; Moffatt, Miriam F; Loeser, Stephan;
Sep-2016Functional genomics of the major asthma gene IL33 in airway epithelial cellsCookson, William; Piatek, Stefan;
Nov-2015The effect of obesity on the host innate immune response to influenza infectionJohnston, Sebastian; Barclay, Wendy; Edwards, Michael; Almond, Mark;
Sep-2015Nasal allergen provocation: validation of clinical and immunologic markers and response to grass pollen immunotherapyDurham, Stephen; Scadding, Guy;
Oct-2014Correlates of protection and disease in experimental human respiratory syncytial virus infectionOpenshaw, Peter; Habibi, Maximillian Shahin;
Oct-2014Phenotyping macrophages and function of monocytes in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infectionOpenshaw, Peter JM; Culley, Fiona J; Affendi, Siti (Sarah);
Dec-2014Anti-oxidised low density lipoprotein antibodies for the serology and imaging of atherosclerosisHaskard, Dorian; Khamis, Ramzi Yousef Jabra;
Jan-2015Extracellular matrix turnover and regulation of pulmonary innate immunityHussell, Tracy; Snelgrove, Robert; Lloyd, Clare; Bell, Thomas James;