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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Role of natural killer cells in cord blood transplantationArmstrong-James, Darius; Rezvani, Katayoun; Sekine, Takuya;
Feb-2013Differential reactivity of engineered nanomaterials with human alveolar epithelium and macrophages in vitro: importance of physicochemistryThorley, Andrew; Tetley, Terry; Sweeney, Sinbad;
Sep-2015Bioscaffold engineering for cardiac progenitor transplantationSchneider, Michael; Stevens, Molly; Noseda, Michela; Speidel, Alessondra Tyler; , et al
Jul-2015Immunology of the neonatal lung and the long term consequences of neonatal respiratory virus infection for pulmonary innate immunityCulley, Fiona J; Lambert, Laura;
May-2015Health effects of indoor nitrogen dioxideJarvis, Debbie; Gulliver, John; Favarato, Graziella;
Oct-2015Modulation of dendritic cell phenotype and function in asthmaJohnston, Sebastian; Walton, Ross; Cameron, Aoife; , et al
May-2015Mechanism of cobalt nanoparticle-induced cytotoxicity and inflammation in human macrophages.Tetley, Teresa; Hart, Alister; Nyga, Agata Teresa;
Jun-2015Modulation of nuclear receptor activity by FHL proteins in the regulation of muscle mass and phenotypeKemp, Paul; Lori, Oritseundede Dede;
Aug-2015Autotitrating non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in patients with hypercapnic ventilatory failureMorrell, Mary; Simonds, Anita; Kelly, Julia Louise;
Jan-2015Enhancing gap junction coupling in reperfused myocardiumPeters, Nicholas; Lyon, Alexander; Debney, Michael Thomas;