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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2009Mechanical unloading and β2-adrenoceptor stimulation for the treatment of heart failureTerracciano, Cesare; Soppa, Gopal Krishna Ranganathan;
8-Apr-2008Regulation of ATF3 expression in cardiomyocytesSugden, Peter; Clerk, Angela; Giraldo Ramirez, Diego Alejandro
1-Apr-2008Optimising cell therapy for treating heart failureYacoub, Magdi; Suzuki, Ken; Fukushima, Satsuki
2009Cardiovascular magnetic resonance of the arterial wallPennell, Dudley; Keenan, Niall Gerald James
Aug-2009Identification of the prostanoid receptor mediating PGE2-induced coughBelvisi, Maria; Birrell, Mark; Maher, Ann;
Jan-2008A Functional Investigation of Mutations Associated with Hypertrophic and Dilated CardiomyopathyMarston, Steve; Dyer, Emma Catherine;
May-2008Restoration of corticosteroid sensitivity in severe asthmaIto, Kazuhiro; Adcock, Ian; Mercado, Nicolas
Sep-2009Analysing the lattice transition of thin filaments in striated muscleLuther, Pradeep; Burgoyne, Thomas;
2008The Effects of Adult Progenitor Cell Transplantation on Recipient Cardiomyocyte Excitation-Contraction CouplingTerracciano, Cesare; Lee, Joon;
2008Modulation of Sensory Nerve Function and the Cough ReflexBelvisi, Maria; Birrell, Mark; Nasra , Julie