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Feb-2013ACE-inhibition and skeletal muscle dysfunction in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseKemp, Paul; Polkey, Michael; Hopkinson, Nick; Shrikrishnapalasuriyar, Dinesh
Apr-2017Activation of Discoidin Domain Receptors by collagen VI and collagen I fibrilsLeitinger, Birgit; Gavriilidou, Despoina
Mar-2012The Actomyosin ATPase Response to Stretch in Cardiac MuscleFerenczi, Mike; Mansfield, Catherine; National Heart and Lung Institute Foundation
May-2017Acute and chronic effects of anti-cancer agents on cardiac mitochondrial functionLyon, Alexander; Harding, Sian; Elder, Jessica Maeve; British Heart Foundation
Aug-2017Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding in the United KingdomSchachter, Michael; Murphy, Michael; Oakland, Kathryn; Royal College of Surgeons of England; Bowel Disease Research Foundation (Great Britain), et al
2012Adrenaline-mediated biased agonism at the B2 adrenoceptor in an in vivo model of takutsubo cardiomyopathyLyon, Alexander; Gorelik, Julia; Harding, Sian; Paur, Helen Elizabeth
Dec-2012Adult life course determinants of cardiac structure and function in the Medical Research Council 1946 birth cohortHardy, Rebecca; Francis, Darrel; Hughes, Alun; Chaturvedi, Nishi; Ghosh, Arjun Kumar
Feb-2017Alveolar macrophages initiate lung innate immune responsesJohansson, Cecilia; Culley, Fiona; Makris, Spyridon; Rosetrees Trust; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Sep-2009Analysing the lattice transition of thin filaments in striated muscleLuther, Pradeep; Burgoyne, Thomas; British Heart Foundation
Jun-2016Analysis of DDR1 function at epithelial cell contactsLeitinger, Birgit; Braga, Vania; Cocking, Anna; Imperial College London
Sep-2015Analysis of the apoptotic threshold at the onset of embryonic differentiationRodriguez, Tristan; Sanchez Nieto, Juan Miguel; Imperial College London
Feb-2016Animal models of Takotsubo syndrome: a multi-level experimental approachHarding, Sian; Tranter, Matthew; National Heart and Lung Institute
Dec-2014Anti-oxidised low density lipoprotein antibodies for the serology and imaging of atherosclerosisHaskard, Dorian; Khamis, Ramzi Yousef Jabra; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Nov-2016The application of autofluorescence lifetime metrology to the study of heart failure models and heart diseaseLyon, Alexander; Dunsby, Chris; Peters, Nicholas; French, Paul; Dyer, Benjamin Thomas, et al
Dec-2014Arc welding and the risk of airways and cardiovascular diseases: WELSHIP studyCullinan, Paul; Minelli, Cosetta; Marongiu, Andrea; Medical Research Council (Great Britain)
Jan-2015Armus dual roles in autophagy and E-cadherin degradation: distinct partners, regulation and implications for cancer patientsBraga, Vania; Mohd Naim, Noor Faizah; Brunei High Commission
Oct-2014Arrhythmogenic sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium leak in isolated ventricular cardiomyocytes - changes in heart failure and mechanisms of pharmacological modulationMacLeod, Kenneth; Lyon, Alexander; Harding, Sian; Sikkel, Markus; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Jul-2015Assessing airways deposition, physiology and pharmacokinetics of monodisperse aerosols in obstructive lung diseaseUsmani, Omar; Biddiscombe, Martyn; Kalsi, Harpal
Jul-2013Assessment of intra-coronary pressure and flow velocity relations distal to coronary stenoses to derive a novel index of stenosis severityDavies, Justin; Francis, Darrel; Mayet, Jamil; Hughes, Alun; Sen, Sayan, et al
Jun-2016Assessment of nanomedicine preparations as potential therapies for pulmonary arterial hypertensionMitchell, Professor Jane A; Chester, Dr.Adrian H; Mohamed, Nura; Qatar Foundation
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 361