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2010Analysis of Bcl6 in a genetically tractable human B cell linePorter, Andy; Wagner, Simon; Zobel, Jennifer;
Jul-2013Analysis of cannabinoids in post-mortem blood and hair - its value in post-mortem toxicologyPaterson, Sue; Murphy, Kevin; Andrews, Rebecca
2011Analysis of effectors of the Salmonella Typhimurium SPI‐2 type three secretion systemHolden, David; Figueira, Ana Rita;
Nov-2016Analysis of host gene regulation by Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 3B (EBNA3B)Allday, Martin; White, Rob; Ho, Guiyi;
Jun-2009Analysis of interferon-λ1 gene activation and functionClark, Andy; Thomson, Scott John Peter
31-Mar-2008Analysis of RNA-Protein interactions involved in calicivirus translation and replicationGoodfellow, Ian; Karakasiliotis, Ioannis
2012Analysis of the CD4+ T cell immune response to Anthrax Lethal FactorAltmann, Danny; Ascough, Stephanie;
-Androgens and cardiovascular disease in menBulpitt, Professor Christopher J; Rajkumar, Professor Chakravarthi; Dockery, Frances
Nov-2017Angiotensin II type 2 receptor signalling promotes glioblastoma growth: A novel target for therapeutic interventionSyed, Nelofer; Keun, Hector; Renziehausen, Alexander Wilhelm Jay;
2012Anorectic Gut Hormones PYY and GLP-1 on Brain Appetite Pathways: A Human fMRI Study.Dhillo, Waljit; Bloom, Steve; Salem, Victoria;
Aug-2015The anthropometric, environmental and genetic determinants of right ventricular structure and functionWilkins, Martin; O'Regan, Declan; Cook, Stuart; Dawes, Timothy;
Jun-2018Antibiotic prescribing decision-making processes in secondary care: a system dynamics approachAhmad, Raheelah; Holmes, Alison; Atun, Rifat; Robotham, Julie; Zhu, Nina Jiayue
2010Antibodies to citrullinated alpha-enolase peptide in rheumatoid arthritisVenables, Patrick; Taylor, Peter; Fisher, Benjamin Alexis Charles;
Nov-2016Antibody effector functions critical to mucosal protection against HIV-1Shattock, Robin; King, Deborah; Cheeseman, Hannah Mary;
2011Antigen Specific Delivery of Chemokines by Activated T cells; Potential Strategy for Inducing Inflammation at the Tumour SiteGeorge, Andrew; Habib, Nagy; Gungor, Hatice
Dec-2021Antigenic profiling and target specific isolation of mAb against viral spike protein of emerging diseasesXu, Xiao-Ning; Zhang, Xiaodong; Gao, Qiao;
Feb-2017Anxiety, stress and risk perception in mothers of food allergic childrenBoyle, Robert; Hodes, Matthew; Warner, John; Umasunthar, Thisanayagam
Mar-2013Apoptosis regulation at mitochondria : insights into the roles of CKMT1 and IkBα in apoptosis inhibitionGrimm, Stefan; Boobis, Alan; Mahul-Mellier, Anne-Laure; Datler, Christoph;
Mar-2015The application of novel imaging modalities in the monitoring of inflammatory activity in Crohn’s diseaseOrchard, Timothy; Matthews, Paul; Russo, Evangelos Alessios;
Jun-2018Application of phagemid-AAV vector in gene therapy of paediatric brain cancerHajitou, Amin; Suwan, Keittisak; Albahrani, Mariam;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 1427