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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Neurodevelopmental outcomes of children born preterm: analyses into the validity of data collection and outcome reportsCowan, Frances; Modi, Neena; Wong, Sze Ying;
Aug-2015Attention-control deficits and their impact upon motor deficits in strokeBentley, Paul; Soto, David; Rinne, Paul Edmund;
Apr-2015Development and evaluation of a novel microprobe array continuous glucose monitor for type 1 diabetesJohnston, Desmond; Oliver, Nick; El-Laboudi, Ahmed Hussein;
Jul-2014Relevance of brain linear measurements in neonatal careEdwards, David Anthony; Azzopardi, Denis; Nongena, Pumza;
Feb-2018Investigating the mechanisms responsible for the effect of protein on appetiteMurphy, Kevin; Dhillo, Waljit; Amin, Anjali;
Aug-2017The use of kisspeptin as a novel physiological trigger for oocyte maturation in IVF treatmentDhillo, Waljit; Trew, Geoffrey; Islam, Rumana; , et al
Jun-2016A scientific approach to improvement: the use of Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles in healthcareReed, Julie E; Bell, Derek; McNicholas, Chris;
Apr-2016Genetic analysis of extreme obesityBlakemore, Alexandra; Alsters, Sanne;
Oct-2016The UK Neonatal Collaborative Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC) study: testing the utility of operational clinical data to conduct population surveillance, develop an evidence-based case-definition and identify risk factors associated with NECModi, Neena; Battersby, Cheryl Wing;
Mar-2016Inflammation and immunity in severe acute malnutritionWarner, John; Mitchell, Jane; Jones, Kelsey David; , et al