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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2013Cytokines and epigenetic regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in tuberculosisFriedland, Jon; Moores, Rachel Clare;
Jul-2013Evaluation of the role of the melanocortin receptor system in ischemia-reperfusion induced leukocyte endothelium interaction in the brain microcirculationGetting, Stephen; Gavins, Felicity; Holloway, Paul Matthew
May-2013Invariant natural killer T cells in multiple sclerosisBoyton, Rosemary; Altmann, Danny; Nicholas, Richard; Kamel, Fatemah Omar;
Mar-2013Functional implications of Fkrp deficiencyBrown, Susan; de Belleroche, Jackie; Whitmore, Charlotte
Jan-2013Quantitative imaging in epilepsy (PET)Koepp, Matthias; Brooks, David; Hammers, Alexander; McGinnity, Colm Joseph;
Jun-2013Development of multifunctional nano-probes for neuroscience researchKorchev, Yuri; Babakinejad, Babak;
Sep-2013Interaction of NS3 with viral and host proteins and RNA during hepatitis C virus replicationKarayiannis, Peter; McGarvey, Michael; Sifennasr, Nadia
Mar-2013Characterisation of isomiRs in stem cellsCui, Wei; Dibb, Nick; Tan, Geok Chin; , et al
Feb-2013Structural characterization of the polycomb repressor complex 1 binding partner ubiquitin specific protease 11McClure, Myra; Maertens, Goedele; Cherepanov, Peter; Sharif, Azar
May-2013How virtual worlds can support collaboration and engagement in healthcareVlaev, Ivo; Paraskeva, Paraskevas; Reed, Julie; Taylor, Michael James;