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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Quantitative imaging in epilepsy (PET)Koepp, Matthias; Brooks, David; Hammers, Alexander; McGinnity, Colm Joseph;
Sep-2013The role of the sister chromatid during repair of a DNA double-strand breakAragon, Luis; Patel, Amit; , et al
Dec-2013A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) investigation into the effects of ageing on the functional and structural connectivity of the brainSharp, David; Counsell, Serena; Hughes, Emer;
Aug-2013Oestrogen and thyroid hormone interactions in the regulation of bone massWilliams, Graham R.; Bassett, J.H. Duncan; Cheung, Moira Shang-Mei;
Dec-2013Neural substrates supporting the influence of working memory contents on visual attentionSoto, David; Bentley, Paul; de Bourbon Teles, José Miguel Pinto Cardoso;
May-2013Insights into the Mycobacterial Response to Nitrogen Limitation; Characterisation of the GlnR RegulonJenkins, Victoria Alice; Jenkins, Victoria Alice;
Dec-2013PET Studies of Neurotransmission in Temporal Lobe EpilepsyHammers, Alexander; Koepp, Matthias; Brooks, David; Riano Barros, Daniela Alexandra; , et al
Dec-2013The role of matrix metalloproteinases in leukocyte migration and collagen degradation in tuberculosisFriedland, Jon; Elkington, Paul; Sathyamoorthy, Tarangini;
2013Investigation into the entry and intracellular trafficking of a bacteriophage-derived gene therapy vectorHajitou, Amin; Stoneham, Charlotte Anne;
Feb-2013The role of cysteine residues and thiol-disulphide exchange in the expression and function of von Willebrand factorLaffan, Mike; Shapiro, Susan Elizabeth;