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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Neurodevelopmental outcomes of children born preterm: analyses into the validity of data collection and outcome reportsCowan, Frances; Modi, Neena; Wong, Sze Ying;
Mar-2015The application of novel imaging modalities in the monitoring of inflammatory activity in Crohn’s diseaseOrchard, Timothy; Matthews, Paul; Russo, Evangelos Alessios;
Mar-2015Sensory- motor control of head-neck musculatureBronstein, Adolfo; Strutton, Paul; Seemungal, Barry; Nousi, Sofia; , et al
Sep-2015Engineering an oxyntomodulin analogue for weight reductionBloom, Steve; Price, Samantha
Sep-2015Watching dynamics and assembly of spliceosomal complexes at single molecule resolutionRueda, David; Warnasooriya, Chandani Manoja;
Sep-2015The influence of HLA-C and KIR on natural killer cell functionBoyton, Rosemary; Long, Eric; Sim, Malcolm John Wyness;
Aug-2015Attention-control deficits and their impact upon motor deficits in strokeBentley, Paul; Soto, David; Rinne, Paul Edmund;
Sep-2015Survival and replication of Group A Streptococcus in human macrophagesHolden, David; O'Neill, Alan;
Apr-2015Development and evaluation of a novel microprobe array continuous glucose monitor for type 1 diabetesJohnston, Desmond; Oliver, Nick; El-Laboudi, Ahmed Hussein;
Jun-2015Group A streptococcal necrotising fasciitis and its association with blunt traumaSriskandan, Shiranee; Lamb, Lucy Elizabeth Moffatt;