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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014The complex network of p53-regulated small non-coding RNAs and their gene targets in cancerStebbing, Justin; Castellano, Leandro; Krell, Jonathan;
Sep-2014Optimising the management of patients with synchronous colorectal liver metastasesBrown, Gina; Tekkis, Paris P; Goldin, Robert; Mudan, Satvinder; Slesser, Alistair Angus Peyre
Dec-2014A study of CArdiac Physiology in severely MALnourished children CAPMAL StudyLevin, Michael; Maitland, Kath; Brent, Bernadette E.;
Aug-2014In vivo assessment of pathology in Parkinson’s disease with Positron Emission TomographyBrooks, David; Simpson, Benjamin;
Jul-2014Relevance of brain linear measurements in neonatal careEdwards, David Anthony; Azzopardi, Denis; Nongena, Pumza;
Oct-2014The modulation of human Dendritic Cells by Glucagon like peptide-2Gabe, Simon; Knight, Stella; Omar, Hafid; Tee, Cheng Tai
Sep-2014The effect of collaborative networks on healthcare research performanceAthanasiou, Thanos; Darzi, Ara; Patel, Vanash
Sep-2014Studies in pre-existing heart disease and pregnancyJohnson, Mark; Curry, Ruth
Dec-2014Investigation into the glycosylation mechanism of polyglycerolphosphate lipoteichoic acid in firmicutesGründling, Angelika; Percy, Matthew G;
Jun-2014Evaluation of the effect of modafinil in conditions of sleep deprivation and fatigue in the medical professionDarzi, Ara; Aggarwal, Rajesh; Sugden, Colin Alisdair