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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Risk awareness in secondary stroke preventionSharma, Pankaj; Slark, Julia Suzanne
2012Analysis of the CD4+ T cell immune response to Anthrax Lethal FactorAltmann, Danny; Ascough, Stephanie;
2012Biochemical and Functional Characterization of Golgi Anti- Apoptotic Proteins (GAAP)Smith, Geoffrey; Johnson, Benjamin; Saraiva, Nuno Ricardo de Almeida;
2012Epstein - Barr virus Encoded EBER RNAsFarrell, Paul; Bosshard, Rachel
2012Insulin signalling in granulosa cellsHardy, Kate; Franks, Stephen; Joharatnam, Jalini;
2012Studies on cross presentation of antigen by human dendritic cellsPatterson, Steven; Pillay, Sirika;
2012Studies on the mechanism of norovirus RNA synthesisBailey, Dalan; Goodfellow, Ian; Yunus, Muhammad Amir;
2012Roles of SPD-3 during C. elegans meiosisMartinez-Perez, Enrique; Labrador Gonzalez, Leticia
2012Preclinical testing of potential therapeutics for Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisWells, Dominic; de Belleroche, Jackie; Kaneb, Hannah Marlene Jostock;
Feb-2012Factors influencing the acute vascular inflammatory response in murine endotoxaemiaGavins, Felicity; Buckingham, Julia; Hughes, Ellen Lucy