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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The Roles of Laparoscopic Liver Resection and Hypoxia Inducible Factor in the Pathophysiology of Liver cancerJiao, Long; Healey, Andrew James;
2011Investigation of B cell subsets and vaccination responses in HIV-1 infection and CVIDKelleher, William; Henderson, Don; Hart, Melanie Sarah
2011Antigen Specific Delivery of Chemokines by Activated T cells; Potential Strategy for Inducing Inflammation at the Tumour SiteGeorge, Andrew; Habib, Nagy; Gungor, Hatice
Sep-2011Cellular responses of murine epiphyseal cartilage to mechanical injuryVincent, Tonia; Saklatvala, Jeremy; Chong, Ka-Wing
Aug-2011Measuring the Utility of Surveillance Data For Monitoring the HIV/AIDS Epidemic In Sub-Saharan AfricaGregson, Simon; Grassly, Nicholas; Marsh, Kimberly;
2011Cytidine Deaminases are Regulators of Estrogen Receptor Activity in Breast Cancer CellsBuluwela, Laki; Ali, Simak; Periyasamy, Manikandan
2011Effects of HIRA deficiency on differentiating and dividing mammalian cellsFestenstein, Richard; Wise, Philip John Surtees
Jul-2011Modulation of Immunopathogenic Matrix Metalloproteinases in Pulmonary Tuberculosis by T helper-17 cytokines & the PI 3-Kinase pathwayFriedland, Jon; Singh, Shivani
2011Dysregulated Coagulation in Haemodialysis - Vascular access and Cerebrovascular diseaseLaffan, Mike; Power, Albert
Jul-2011The Assessment of Registrars’ Non-technical Skills in the Emergency DepartmentVincent, Charles; Woloshynowych, Maria; Brown, Ruth; Flowerdew, Lynsey Anne