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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Investigating PYY3-36 and PYY3-36 analogues in the development of an obesity therapyBloom, Steve; Thompson, Emily; Murphy, Kevin; Addison, Melisande L.
2010The role of JAKs and STATs in chemoresistanceSeckl, Michael; Carmo, Catarina Ramos do;
Jan-2010Characterisation of an alternative splice variant of LKB1Hiscock, Natalie /Woods, Angela; Woods, Angela; Denison, Fiona Clare;
2010Imaging pancreatic ß-cell in vivo using manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imagingBell, Jimmy; So, Po-Wah; Lee, Li Wen;
2010PP2A binding proteins and their influence on the cellular phospho-proteomeDilworth, Steve; Atkin, Sarah
2010The in vivo molecular and cellular interactions involved in peptide induced graft toleranceScott, Diane; Derbyshire, Katy;
2010The Role of Inflammation In Post-Operative Cognitive DysfunctionMaze, Mervyn; Ma, Daqing; Cibelli, Mario;
Aug-2010In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of E-Selectin: Quantitative Detection of Endothelial Activation in ArthritisPaleolog, Ewa; Haskard, Dorian; Gompels, Luke;
Jun-2010Mathematical modelling of ion regulations in fungiHaynes, Ken; Ke, Ruian;
2010To investigate the physiological role of arcuate nucleus cocaine- and amphetamine- regulated transcript in energy homeostasisGardiner, James; Campbell, Daniel Charles