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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014The roles of cofactors protein S and factor V in the TFPI anticoagulant pathwayLane, David; Crawley, Jim; Ahnström, Josefin; Reglinska-Matveyev, Natalia;
Jul-2019Predicting cardiac functional and structural abnormalities from electrogram morphology using supervised machine learningPeters, Nicholas; Sherwin, Spencer; Chowdhury, Rasheda; Cantwell, Christopher; Tzortzis, Konstantinos Nektarios, et al
Apr-2018FVa inactivation by APC and protein SLANE, DAVID; AHNSTRÖM, JOSEFIN; CRAWLEY, JIM; Gierula, Magdalena Maria;
Jul-2019Outlining the human monocyte inflammatory cytokine response to dietary fat intakeWoollard, Kevin; Haskard, Dorian; Rahman, Mohammed Shamim;
Dec-2019Mapping the interaction of VWF and factor XIIa and its potential as a new anticoagulant targetLaffan, Michael; McKinnon, Thomas; Henne, Patricia;
Aug-2017Novel approaches in long term mechanical circulatory supportPepper, John; Lyon, Alexander; Morley-Smith, Andrew C.;
Nov-2019VWF-dependent platelet ‘priming’ potentiates novel leukocyte interactions and mediates NETosis under flowCrawley, James; Salles, Isabelle; Woollard, Kevin; Constantinescu-Bercu, Adela;
Sep-2019Investigating the role of non-coding RNAs in doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicityCastellano, Leandro; Lyon, Alexander; Stebbing, Justin; Yiu, Cheuk Ting (Angela);
Apr-2018A novel approach to non-invasive risk assessment in the inherited cardiac conditionsKanagaratnam, Prapa; Harding, Sian; Ng, Fu Siong; Peters, Nicholas; Leong, Kevin Ming Wei, et al
Sep-2019Investigating the effect of AMP-activated protein kinase activation on the cardio-renal axisCarling, David; Leiper, James Mitchell; Wilson, Laura Wilson;