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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Post translational modifications of FOXM1 expressionLam, Eric; Matthews, Steve; Karunarathna, H R Upekha;
Jun-2018A quantitative single-cell investigation of cell growth and antibiotic tolerance in Mycobacterium smegmatisRobertson, Brian; Shahrezaei, Vahid; Priestman, Miles;
Oct-2014Modulation of MHC class I expression by African swine fever virus and the role of virus proteins EP153R and CD2vSkinner, Michael; Saward Arav, Deborah Louise;
Oct-2014Growth factor regulation of preantral follicle development in the mouse ovaryHardy, Kate; Franks, Stephen; Atess, Victoria;
Sep-2014Functional analysis of the DNA-binding domain of the Staphylococcus aureus master virulence transcription factor AgrAWigneshweraraj, Sivaramesh; Tang, Christoph; Nicod, Sophie;
Jan-2015Investigating the physiological role of glucokinase in central glucose sensingGardiner, James; Dhillo, Waljit; Holton, Christopher;
Jun-2013The regulation and impact of telomerase in human embryonic stem cells and their neural derivativesCui, Wei; Sheldon, Michael;
Sep-2013Influence of cellular environments on PET ligand binding : an application to imaging endogenous neurotransmitter releaseTyacke, Robin; Nutt, David; Quelch, Darren;
Sep-2013Functional analysis of the type IV pilus assembly machinery in Neisseria meningitidisPelicic, Vladimir; Georgiadou, Michaella;
Mar-2013Tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF) receptor subtype signalling in acute lung injury - a therapeutic approachTakata, Masao; Wilson, Michael; Bertok, Szabolcs; , et al