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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2019Cholesterol homeostasis and NLRP3 inflammasome activationAnand, Paras; Drobniewski, Francis; Hamilton, Claire Louise
May-2019Investigation of kisspeptin’s effects on the human brain using fMRIWall, Matthew B.; Comninos, Alexander; Waljit, Dhillo; Demetriou, Lysimachi;
Sep-2019Investigating the effect of AMP-activated protein kinase activation on the cardio-renal axisCarling, David; Leiper, James Mitchell; Wilson, Laura Wilson;
Sep-2012Interaction and localisation studies of the lipoteichoic acid synthesis proteins in staphylococcus aureusGrundling, Angelika; Reichmann, Nathalie;
Oct-2019Oncogenic KSHV induces ALT to facilitate break-induced viral genome replicationFeldhahn, Niklas; Farrell, Paul; Lippert, Timothy P.
2010Clinical and PET Imaging Studies in Parkinson’s Disease Motor and Non-Motor Complications: Serotonergic and Dopamimergic Mechanisms and Applications in TreatmentPiccini, Paola; Politis, Marios
Nov-2017Angiotensin II type 2 receptor signalling promotes glioblastoma growth: A novel target for therapeutic interventionSyed, Nelofer; Keun, Hector; Renziehausen, Alexander Wilhelm Jay;
May-2019Bacteriophage-guided cancer immunotherapyHajitou, Amin; Suwan, Keittisak; de Belleroche, Jackie; Waramit, Sajee; , et al