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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Determinants of colostrum and breast milk immune composition and consequences for infant healthWarner, John; Boyle, Robert; Munblit, Daniel
Aug-2015Defining mechanisms of tissue destruction in tuberculosis-HIV co-infection and tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndromeElkington, Paul; Friedland, Jon; Wilkinson, Katalin; Wilkinson, Robert; Walker, Naomi Frances, et al
Feb-2016Optimisation of T cell receptors using in vivo recombination and selectionDyson, Julian; Ghani, Hazim;
Aug-2017The use of kisspeptin as a novel physiological trigger for oocyte maturation in IVF treatmentDhillo, Waljit; Trew, Geoffrey; Islam, Rumana; , et al
Jun-2017Regulation of cellular energy metabolism – implications for Parkinson’s DiseaseAlavian, Kambiz; Dexter, David; Weinert, Maria
Oct-2017‘GlycosaminoGlycome’ microarrays: Applications in studies of recognition by anti-human stem cell antibodies, growth factors and morphogensFeizi, Ten; Chai, Wengang; Pickering, Matthew; Wu, Nian;
Jun-2017The dysregulation of lipid metabolism caused by hepatitis C virusMcGarvey, Michael; Burch, Charles
Aug-2017Dopaminergic abnormalities following traumatic brain injury: a potential therapeutic targetSharp, David; Leech, Robert; Jenkins, Peter;
Sep-2017Quantification of HTLV-1 expression at the single-cell level in naturally-infected T-lymphocytesBangham, Charles; Rueda, David; Billman, Martin Rafael;
Apr-2017Phenotypical and functional characterisation of HIV-specific T cell responses in HIV negative and HIV infected volunteers immunised with GTU MultiHIV B DNA vaccineShattock, Robin; Fidler, Sarah; Haidari, Goli;