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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Role of Sox2 and its binding partners in the neural induction of human embryonic stem cellsCui, Wei; Zhang, Shuchen;
Jun-2015Manipulation of antigen presenting cells to enhance host immune responses to bacterial infectionKnight, Stella; Williamson, Diane; Thompson, Iain James
Sep-2015The role of the histone demethylase Jmjd2c/Kdm4c in mouse embryonic stem cell pluripotencyAzuara, Veronique; Rodriguez, Tristan; Tomaz, Rute Alexandra Da Costa; , et al
Sep-2015Avian influenza virus as an oncolytic therapy for pancreatic cancerBarclay, Wendy S.; Capua, Ilaria; Pizzuto, Matteo Samuele;
Apr-2015Acute mental fatigue and cognitive performance in the medical professionDarzi, Ara; Leff, Daniel; Flindall, Ian Richard
Sep-2015Understanding the role of microRNA expression in the response to phenobarbital toxicity in the ratGooderham, Nigel; Osborne, Michael Craig;
Jun-2015The role of FOXM1 in breast cancer chemotherapy resistanceLam, Eric; Khongkow, Pasarat;
Dec-2014A study of CArdiac Physiology in severely MALnourished children CAPMAL StudyLevin, Michael; Maitland, Kath; Brent, Bernadette E.;
Aug-2014In vivo assessment of pathology in Parkinson’s disease with Positron Emission TomographyBrooks, David; Simpson, Benjamin;
Dec-2015Role of the type II diabetes-associated gene SLC30A8 in the pancreatic α-cellRutter, Guy; Solomou, Antonia;