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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Investigation into the molecular triggers of epigenetic reprogramming and meiotic entry in mouse primordial germ cellsHajkova, Petra; Hill, Peter William Sloan;
Dec-2019Identifying the role of FTO in the actions of ghrelin upon energy homeostasis and behaviourWithers, Dominic; Irvine, Elaine; De Jesus Palricas de Paiva Pessoa, Maria Rita;
Dec-2019Host serum protein biomarkers of tuberculosis in sub-Saharan AfricaHamilton, Melissa Shea; Wilkinson, Robert; Levin, Michael; Morris, Thomas; , et al
Dec-2019Zebrafish as a new model for the in vivo study of Toxoplasma gondii interaction with phagocytesMostowy, Serge; Frickel, Eva; Yoshida, Nagisa;
Dec-2019The role of P2X7 receptors in intrinsic renal cellsTam, Frederick; Page, Theresa; Kalfaoglu, Bahire;
Mar-2019Identifying therapeutic targets in glioma using integrated network analysisJohnson, Michael; Petretto, Enrico‬; Laaniste, Liisi;