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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Glucagon and GLP-1 receptor dual agonism: a therapeutic approach for the treatment of obesityBloom, Stephen; Cegla, Jaimini;
Jul-2015Clinical evaluation of a novel close-loop insulin delivery system in type 1 diabetesOliver, Nick; Johnston, Desmond; Reddy, Monika;
Sep-2015Influence of sex chromosome complement and hormones on heterochromatin silencing in miceFestenstein, Richard; Silva, Raquel
Aug-2018Investigating opportunities to improve surgical site infection prevention through social and technological innovationHolmes, Alison; Troughton, Rachael;
Sep-2018The real-time molecular characterisation of human brain tumours during surgery using Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry [REIMS] and Raman spectroscopy: a platform for precision medicine in neurosurgeryO'Neill, Kevin; Syed, Nelofar; Takats, Zoltan; Vaqas, Babar;
Jan-2019Understanding the mechanisms regulating SCFA mediated release of anorectic gut hormonesFrost, Gary; Hanyaloglu, Aylin; Tate, Edward; Caengprasath, Natarin
Sep-2018Investigating the regulation of WIPI2b function at the phagophore by phosphorylation in starvation-induced autophagyTooze, Sharon; Braga, Vania; Gubas, Andrea
Jun-2017Epigenetic transcriptional regulation in Friedreich’s AtaxiaFestenstein, Richard; Kathiresu Nageshwaran, Sathiji;
Dec-2014Investigation into the glycosylation mechanism of polyglycerolphosphate lipoteichoic acid in firmicutesGründling, Angelika; Percy, Matthew G;
Mar-2017Novel therapeutic targets in uveitisTaylor, Simon; Tam, Frederick; Tempest-Roe, Shenzhen Makahn;