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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015Investigation of the role of pharmacokinetics and the development of novel anti-obesity agentsBloom, Steve; Dhillo, Waljhit; Christakis, Ioannis
May-2015Stress hyperglycaemia in the acute care settingBell, Professor Derek; Shotliff, Dr Kevin; Zalin, Anjali;
Jan-2016Identification of unique genetic and epigenetic signatures in myeloproliferative neoplasms using microarray and next generation sequencing: association with MPN-related mutations and clinical phenotypesLaffan, Mike; Wong, Chieh Lee;
Aug-2015Study of the PPARγ cofactor receptor interacting protein 140 in Alzheimer's diseaseSastre, Magdalena; Blondrath, Katrin Gisela;
Jun-2015Manipulation of antigen presenting cells to enhance host immune responses to bacterial infectionKnight, Stella; Williamson, Diane; Thompson, Iain James
Sep-2015Avian influenza virus as an oncolytic therapy for pancreatic cancerBarclay, Wendy S.; Capua, Ilaria; Pizzuto, Matteo Samuele;
Dec-2014A study of CArdiac Physiology in severely MALnourished children CAPMAL StudyLevin, Michael; Maitland, Kath; Brent, Bernadette E.;
Aug-2014In vivo assessment of pathology in Parkinson’s disease with Positron Emission TomographyBrooks, David; Simpson, Benjamin;
Dec-2015Role of the type II diabetes-associated gene SLC30A8 in the pancreatic α-cellRutter, Guy; Solomou, Antonia;
Jun-2015The role of emerin in the pathogenesis of sporadic inclusion body myositisRoncaroli, Federico; Turkheimer, Federico; Marini Bettolo, Chiara