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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Rapid infection diagnostics in the context of augmented care: Investigating their role in antimicrobial prescribing and bacterial resistanceHolmes, Alison; Donaldson, Hugo; Moore, Luke Stephen Prockter;
Jun-2016Exploring microglial activation and neurodegeneration following traumatic brain injurySharp, David; Matthews, Paul; Scott, Gregory; , et al
Sep-2013The role of the sister chromatid during repair of a DNA double-strand breakAragon, Luis; Patel, Amit; , et al
May-2013Organisational resilience in UK acute hospitals: an exploratory case study and empirical analysisHolmes, Alison; Vincent, Charles; Murray, Eleanor;
Jan-2014Regulation of metabolism and food intake by enteropancreatic hormonesBloom, Stephen; Martin, Niamh; Tan, Tricia;
Oct-2015Defining the gastrointestinal microbiota in premature neonates: Its development and relation to necrotizing enterocolitisKroll, John Simon; Moffatt, Miriam; Sim, Kathleen;
Oct-2018Quantification of glial activation using positron emission tomography in neurodegenerative diseaseGentleman, Steve; Hinz, Rainer; Fan, Zhen; , et al
Sep-201916S rRNA methyltransferases: the end of aminoglycosides?Woodford, Neil; Sriskandan, Shiranee; Taylor, Emma Louise;
Nov-2017Arteriovenous fistulae for haemodialysis: the role of the flow field and three-dimensional geometry in the development of neointimal hyperplasiaDuncan, Neill; Caro, Colin; Pusey, Charles; Corbett, Richard Wolferstan; , et al
May-2018Neurokinin 3 receptor antagonism as a novel treatment for menopausal hot flushesDhillo, Waljit; Jayasena, Channa; Prague, Julia Kate;