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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Characterisation of nongrowing Salmonella during macrophage infectionHelaine, Sophie; Holden, David; Fisher, Robbie Andrew;
Dec-2017The role of gut hormones in mediating the beneficial effects of RYGB on glycaemia and energy balanceTan, Tricia; Bloom, Steve; Dhillo, Waljit; Behary, Preeshila;
Sep-2016The regulation of HTLV-1 integration by a host Co-factorBangham, Charles RM; McCallin, Amy Joanna;
Nov-2016The roles of bacterial virulence mechanisms including intracellular persistence in determining outcome of infection by invasive nontyphoidal SalmonellaHolden, David; Maclennan, Calman; Rycroft, Julian Anthony;
Sep-2016DNA vaccination against Respiratory Syncytial Virus [RSV]Tregoning, John; Shattock, Robin; Kinnear, Ekaterina;
Sep-2016Diagnosing tuberculosis using nanomaterial-based detection of a host gene expression signatureLevin, Michael; Stevens, Molly; Gliddon, Harriet Dulcie;
Jan-2016Cortical and subcortical contributions to balance in health and diseaseBronstein, Adolfo; Seemungal, Barry; Ahmad, Hena;
Feb-2016Genome-wide DNA methylation in chronic myeloid leukaemiaApperley, Jane; Foroni, Letizia; Bazeos, Alexandra;
Sep-2016Amygdala resting state functional connectivity in alcohol dependenceLingford-Hughes, Anne; McGonigle, John; Orban, Csaba;
Mar-2016A medical bypass. Can the manipulation of gut hormone levels replicate the favourable effects on energy and glucose homeostasis seen following gastric bypass surgery?Tan, Tricia; Bloom, Steve; Buckingham, Julia; Troke, Rachel Clare;