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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2019The gliovascular unit in chronic traumatic encephalopathy: a systematic investigation of the vasculature in trauma and age related tauopathiesGentleman, Stephen; Sastre, Magdalena; Goldfinger, Marc Harris;
Sep-2019Maternal and infant immune responses to pertussis vaccination in pregnancyHolder, Beth; Kampmann, Beate; Rice, Thomas Francis;
Feb-2019Early innate immune responses in HIV infectionShattock, Robin; Ortega Prieto, Ana Maria; Skelton, Jessica Katy; , et al
Jun-2019Investigating the role of nutrient sensing in the gastrointestinal tract in energy and glucose homeostasisMurphy, Kevin; Frost, Gary; Ramgulam, Anya;
Dec-2019Zebrafish as a new model for the in vivo study of Toxoplasma gondii interaction with phagocytesMostowy, Serge; Frickel, Eva; Yoshida, Nagisa;
Feb-2019The effects of high protein diets and L-Phenylalanine on energy and glucose homeostasisMurphy, Kevin; Frost, Gary; Salem, Victoria; Norton, Mariana; , et al
Mar-2019Identifying therapeutic targets in glioma using integrated network analysisJohnson, Michael; Petretto, Enrico‬; Laaniste, Liisi;