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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Predictors of response to iron and erythropoietin stimulating agents in haemodialysis patientsAshby, Damien; Tam, Frederick Wai Keung; Hildebrand, Sarah Valerie;
May-2019Exploring dynamic cognitive states using magnetic resonance imagingHampshire, Adam; Leech, Robert; Soreq, Eyal
Jun-2019Local and global effects of odour experience on neurons in the olfactory bulb glomerulusMargrie, Troy; Rolle-Sonora, Sara Olga
Sep-2019The development of the respiratory microbiota in infants and childrenKroll, John Simon; Powell, Elizabeth Anne;
Oct-2019Improving knowledge of outcomes in neonatologyGale, Chris; Modi, Neena; Webbe, James William Harrison;
Mar-2019Exploring the process of sustaining improvements within quality improvement initiativesReed, Julie; Bell, Derek; Lennox, Laura;
May-2019Development of vaccine platforms for membrane display of surface antigens using HIV-1 Env as model immunogenShattock, Robin J.; McKay, Paul F.; Aldon, Yoann Leopold Thomas;
Apr-2019Defining the members of the microbiota that regulate innate immunity and protect against respiratory infectionClarke, Thomas; Edwards, Andrew; Brown, Rebecca Louise;
Oct-2019The stability of influenza haemagglutinin and its significance for pathogenicity, transmission and controlBarclay, Wendy; Singanayagam, Anika;
Dec-2019Mapping the interaction of VWF and factor XIIa and its potential as a new anticoagulant targetLaffan, Michael; McKinnon, Thomas; Henne, Patricia;