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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2019Understanding the mechanisms regulating SCFA mediated release of anorectic gut hormonesFrost, Gary; Hanyaloglu, Aylin; Tate, Edward; Caengprasath, Natarin
Mar-2019The role of HIV-1 transmitted/founder virus characteristics in driving pathogenesisGilmour, Jill; Imami, Nesrina; Macharia, Gladys Njeri;
May-2019The mechanisms by which ANP32 proteins support the influenza polymeraseBarclay, Wendy; Maertens, Goedele; Mistry, Bhakti D.;
Jul-2019The impact of respiratory viral infections on the gut microbiotaTregoning, John; Cox, Michael; Moffatt, Miriam; Groves, Helen;
Feb-2019Resolving problems associated with cell-culture adaptation of influenza A(H3N2) virusesHarvey, Ruth; Barclay, Wendy; Brown, Jonathan;
Feb-2019Regulation of GLP-1R signalling by endocytic membrane trafficking and its significance for pancreatic beta-cell insulin secretionTomas, Alejandra; Rutter, Guy; Buenaventura, Teresa
Apr-2019The role of plant-based food structures on gastrointestinal digestion, colonic fermentation and glucose homeostasisFrost, Prof. Gary; Chambers, Edward; Petropoulou, Aikaterini
Jan-2019Identifying host-pathogen interactions which cause severe malariaCunnington, Aubrey; Levin, Michael; Georgiadou, Athina; , et al
Jan-2019Effect of the gut environment on the homeostasis and function of the enteric nervous systemPachnis, Vassilis; Franzoso, Guido; Bon Frauches Oliveira, Ana;
Dec-2019The biology of mesenchymal stem cells and the utility of the cellular therapy in Multiple SclerosisMuraro, Paolo; Ali, Rehiana;