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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Characterisation of nongrowing Salmonella during macrophage infectionHelaine, Sophie; Holden, David; Fisher, Robbie Andrew;
Dec-2017The role of gut hormones in mediating the beneficial effects of RYGB on glycaemia and energy balanceTan, Tricia; Bloom, Steve; Dhillo, Waljit; Behary, Preeshila;
Jan-2017The development of a new fusion inhibitor for the treatment of HIVWinston, Alan; McClure, Myra; Quinn, Killian
Feb-2017Anxiety, stress and risk perception in mothers of food allergic childrenBoyle, Robert; Hodes, Matthew; Warner, John; Umasunthar, Thisanayagam
Jan-2017The mechanism of energy expenditure of oxyntomodulinBloom, Steve; Tan, Tricia; Gardiner, James; Scott, Rebecca Victoria;
Dec-2017Comparative genome analyses to understand the population biology and virulence of the pig pathogen Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniaeLangford, Paul; Pinney, John; Colijn, Caroline; Bhuller, Ravneet Kaur;
Nov-2017The design and implementation of novel computational and machine learning approaches for modelling brain dynamics: towards more interpretable and real-time brain analysisLeech, Robert; Sharp, David; Dinov, Martin;
May-2017Investigation of porcine interferons as a metaphylactic intervention against classical swine fever virusSkinner, Mike; Everett, Helen; Crooke, Helen; Crudgington, Bentley;
Oct-2017Investigating the effects of the microglial inflammatory response on iron metabolism in dopaminergic neuronsDexter, David; Alireza, Tamara
Nov-2017Rescue of murine gammaretroviruses in human cellsMcClure, Myra; Kakisi, Ourania;