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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Epigenetic transcriptional regulation in Friedreich’s AtaxiaFestenstein, Richard; Kathiresu Nageshwaran, Sathiji;
Mar-2017Novel therapeutic targets in uveitisTaylor, Simon; Tam, Frederick; Tempest-Roe, Shenzhen Makahn;
Aug-2017Genetic and cellular mechanisms of autoimmunity in lupus-prone B6.129-Sle16 miceBotto, Marina; Carlucci, Francesco; Buang, Norzawani Binti;
Apr-2017Can increased integration of spatial analysis improve the understanding of how hospital design may affect healthcare associated infection dynamics and patient safety?Drumright, Lydia; Sevdalis, Nick; Davis, Grahame;
Aug-2017Streptococcus pyogenes protease SpyCEP impairs neutrophil signallingSriskandan, Shiranee; Pease, James; Goldblatt, Jennifer;
Aug-2017Functional analysis of the SseK family of Salmonella SPI‐2 type III secretion system effectorsHolden, David W.; Wigneshweraraj, Sivaramesh; Günster, Regina Agnes;
Oct-2017Autoantibody in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosusMongkolsapaya, Juthathip; Screaton, Gavin; Pickering, Matthew; Lou, Hantao
Sep-2017Role of complement at the interface between skin and systemic inflammationBotto, Marina; Dazzi, Francesco; Giacomassi, Chiara;
Sep-2017Protection from Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: Learning from exposed but uninfected childrenKampmann, Beate; Holmes, Elaine; Basu Roy, Robindra;
Oct-2017Investigating single-gene disorders of childhood infectious diseaseSancho Shimizu, Vanessa; Levin, Michael; Mashbat, Bayarchimeg