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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2016Cortical and subcortical contributions to balance in health and diseaseBronstein, Adolfo; Seemungal, Barry; Ahmad, Hena;
Sep-2016Identification of the causative agent of Kawasaki Disease through isolation and characterization of antigens within immune complexesLevin, Michael; Langford, Paul; Hamilton, Shea; Menikou, Stephanie
Feb-2016Genome-wide DNA methylation in chronic myeloid leukaemiaApperley, Jane; Foroni, Letizia; Bazeos, Alexandra;
Jul-2016Determinants of tuberculosis Treatment OutcomesWilkinson, Robert John; Meintjes, Graeme; Rockwood, Neesha;
Oct-2016The impact of isotype and structure on antibody-HIV interactionShattock, Robin; Okala, Sandra Gerda;
Sep-2016Amygdala resting state functional connectivity in alcohol dependenceLingford-Hughes, Anne; McGonigle, John; Orban, Csaba;
Dec-2016The Association between diet and working hours with markers of cardiometabolic health in the British police forceFrost, Gary; Elliott, Paul; Chan, Queenie; Gibson, Rachel
Mar-2016A medical bypass. Can the manipulation of gut hormone levels replicate the favourable effects on energy and glucose homeostasis seen following gastric bypass surgery?Tan, Tricia; Bloom, Steve; Buckingham, Julia; Troke, Rachel Clare;
Sep-2016Association of monocyte activation and microbial translocation with clinical outcomes in patients with cirrhosisSingh, Suveer; Kelleher, Peter; Gurney, Stefan
Oct-2016The role of leptin receptors in the endocrine pancreas and nucleus tractus solitariusRutter, Guy; Soedling, Helen;