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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016A realist evaluation of the role of external peer review programmes in improving the quality of mental health servicesCrawford, Mike; Jasim, Sarah
Aug-2016Alcohol misuse in sexual health clinics: examining the opportunity and challenges to interveneCrawford, Mike; Ward, Helen; Sanatinia, Rahil
Sep-2016Phytochrome-based fluorophores: sensitive tools for heme detection and in vivo imaging in bacterial pathogensUlijasz, Andrew; Holden, David; Mullineaux Sanders, Caroline Elizabeth;
Sep-2016Genetic analysis of the role of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen leader protein (EBNA-LP) in B cell transformation.White, Rob; Allday, Martin; Szymula, Agnieszka
Oct-2016The UK Neonatal Collaborative Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC) study: testing the utility of operational clinical data to conduct population surveillance, develop an evidence-based case-definition and identify risk factors associated with NECModi, Neena; Battersby, Cheryl Wing;
Nov-2016The metabolic phenotype of the infant of the mother with gestational diabetesModi, Neena; Holmes, Elaine; Logan, Karen Mary;
Nov-2016The roles of bacterial virulence mechanisms including intracellular persistence in determining outcome of infection by invasive nontyphoidal SalmonellaHolden, David; Maclennan, Calman; Rycroft, Julian Anthony;
Sep-2016DNA vaccination against Respiratory Syncytial Virus [RSV]Tregoning, John; Shattock, Robin; Kinnear, Ekaterina;
Nov-2016Antibody effector functions critical to mucosal protection against HIV-1Shattock, Robin; King, Deborah; Cheeseman, Hannah Mary;
Sep-2016The septin cage: a novel mechanism of host defence to restrict bacterial replicationMostowy, Serge; Pelicic, Vladimir; Sirianni, Andrea;