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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015The role and regulation of CD1d in normal and pathological B cellsKaradimitris, Anastasios; Chaudhry, Mohammed Suhail;
Aug-2015An exploration of the relationship between organisational culture, organisational identity and healthcare performance in a merged academic health science centreAtun, Rifat; Holmes, Alison; Chapman, Christopher; Mottram, Anne;
Nov-2015Postoperative Crohn's Disease: an examination of local immunologic and microbiological factors influencing disease recurrenceOmar, Hafid; Knight, Stella; Arebi, Naila; Murugananthan, Aravinth Uthesan;
Apr-2015The natural history of transient abnormal myelopoiesis in neonates and children with Down syndromeRoberts, Irene; Karadimitris, Anastasios; Bhatnagar, Neha;
Nov-2015Characterising the relationship between the herpes simplex virus tegument proteins VP22 and vhsElliott, Gillian; Barclay, Wendy; Ebert, Katja
Nov-2015Investigation into the role of heterochromatin protein 1 gamma (HP1γ) in gene regulation in mammalsFestenstein, Richard; Tan-Un, K.C.; Law, Pui Pik
Oct-2015Generation and characterisation of anti-dengue monoclonal antibodies in a case of severe primary dengue infectionScreaton, Gavin; Roberts, Catherine;
Sep-2015Perioperative glycaemic control on diabetes outcome following gastric bypass surgeryle Roux, Carel; Chuah, Ling Ling
Sep-2015An investigation of body composition in relation to clinical outcomes and immune response in patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgeryKnight, Stella; Blakemore, Alex; Malietzis, Georgios
Jun-2015Neuroimaging studies of brain networks in Parkinson’s DiseasePiccini, Paola; Loane, Clare