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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010New prognostic factors in chronic myeloid leukaemiaApperley, Jane; Khorashad, Sorouri
2010Investigation of the novel proteins of Influenza BBarclay, Wendy; Elderfield, Ruth Alice;
Mar-2010Regulation of dual specificity phosphatase 1 gene expression by glucocorticoidsClark, Andy; Silva Martins, Joana Rita;
2010Shaping mental health services in the community for refugees and elective migrants from former YugoslaviaCrawford, Mike; Djuretic, Tamara;
Apr-2010Human proteomic profiles in latent and active tuberculosisFriedland, Jon|Agranoff, Daniel; Agranoff, Daniel; Sandhu, Gurjinder Singh;
2010Convergence of cytokines and hypoxia on colorectal cancer angiogenesisDawson, Peter; Khong, Tak Loon
Apr-2010The mitochondrial translocator protein in human gliomasRoncaroli, Federico; Janczar, Karolina;
2010Magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound surgery - a novel treatment for uterine fibroidsBennett, Phillip; Gedroyc, Wladyslaw; Regan, Lesley; Zaher, Summia S.
May-2010The role of Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule in the survival and differentiation of oligodendrocytesReynolds, Richard; Norman, Adele Louise
Jul-2010Development of a Phosphoproteomic Screen of Innate Immune Signalling: Identification and Characterisation of a Novel Phosphorylation of NFkB1/p105Wait, Robin; Peirce, Matthew J.; Saklatvala, Jeremy; Reder, Gabor;