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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Analysis of interferon-λ1 gene activation and functionClark, Andy; Thomson, Scott John Peter
Sep-2009Epigenetic regulation of key developmental genes during early mouse developmentAzuara, Veronique; Alder, Olivia A.
2009The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases in the Immunopathology of Cerebral TuberculosisFriedland, Jon; Green, Justin Anton;
2009Identification and characterisation of transcriptional regulatory proteins that modulate estrogen receptor α activityAli, Simak; Coombes, Charles; Ahamed, Eliyaz;
Jun-2009Modification of Dendritic Cells for the Induction of ToleranceGeorge, Andrew; Lombardi, Giovanna; Khan, Adnan;
Oct-2009Characterisation of microRNAs in Human Stem CellsDibb, Nick; Chan, Elcie;
2008The Biological Role of Factor-Inhibiting Hypoxia- Inducible FactorMaxwell, Patrick; Kiriakidis, Serafim; Khan, Moddasar N.
2009Characterisation of a Novel Nuclear Receptor-like ProteinParker, Malcolm; Granger, David William
Nov-2008Function of Polycomb group proteins in embryonic stem cellsParente, Miguel Casanova Vieira
Oct-2009The development and use of bioinformatic web applications for infectious disease microbiologyStumpf, Michael; Spratt, Brian; Aanensen, David Michael