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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Assessing the safety profile of antisense therapeutics through a novel computational and analytical frameworkGooderham, Nigel; Kamola, Piotr;
Apr-2015Development of a deep vein valve replacementDavies, Alun; Stevens, Molly; Xu, Yun; Moore, Hayley; , et al
Sep-2018Cell-free protein synthesis system as a prototyping platform for mammalian synthetic biologyFreemont, Paul; Kopniczky, Margarita B.;
Sep-2016Development of DNA-encoded cell-free biosensors for the detection of bacterial infectionsFreemont, Paul; Wen, Ke Yan;
Dec-2011An Investigation into Factors affecting Ultrasound and Microbubble mediated Gene TransfectionEckersley, Robert; Wells, Dominic; Browning, Richard Johannes;
Jun-2013An Investigation of the Diagnostic Potential of Autofluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging for Label-Free Contrast of DiseaseThillainayagam, Andrew; Dunsby, Chris; French, Paul; Coda, Sergio;
May-2013Exploration, design and application of simulation based technology in interventional cardiologySevdalis, Nick; Kneebone, Roger; Bello, Fernando; Malik, Iqbal; Kesavan, Sujatha, et al
May-2014Body sensor networks: smart monitoring solutions after reconstructive surgeryDarzi, Ara; Yang, Guang Zhong; Kwasnicki, Richard Mark;
Sep-2015Designing Out Medical Error [DOME] in surgical wardsHanna, George; Vincent, Charles; Anderson, Oliver;
May-2020Quantitative imaging of mitochondrial and synaptic function in the human brain with 18F-BCPP-EF, 11C-SA-4503, and 11C-UCB-JGunn, Roger; Mansur, Ayla;