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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017The acoustics of short circular holes and their damping of thermoacoustic oscillationsMorgans, Aimee; Yang, Dong;
May-2014Active constraints for robotic surgery in deforming tissueRodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando; Bowyer, Stuart;
Mar-2015Adaptive monitoring of health-state and performance of industrial centrifugal compressorsMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Thornhill, Nina; Cicciotti, Matteo;
Jul-2016Advanced control for a novel biologically inspired needle steering systemRodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando; Davies, Brian; Burrows, Christopher Anthony;
2012Advanced damage modelling of free machining steelsBalint, Daniel; Lin, Jianguo; Kaye, Michael;
Mar-2015Advanced lithium-ion battery modelling for automotive applicationsMartinez-Botas, Ricardo F.; Offer, Gregory J.; von Srbik, Marie-Therese;
Oct-2013Advanced methods for multi-row forced response and flutter computationsdi Mare, Luca; Stapelfeldt, Sina Cornelia;
Jan-2009Advances in Potential Drop Techniques for Non-Destructive TestingCawley, Peter; Lowe, Michael; Sposito, Giuseppe;
Jul-2012Advancing the damage tolerance of laser beam welded steels using crenellation techniqueNikbin, Kamran; Garwood, Stephen; Davies, Catrin; Eren, Sefika Elvin
Jun-2010Aerodynamic and thermal characterization of turbocharger turbines: experimental and computational evaluationMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Romagnoli, Alessandro;
Jun-2017Aerodynamic optimization of high pressure turbine and interstage duct in a two-stage air system for a heavy-duty diesel engineMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Costall, Aaron; Khairuddin, Uswah Binti;
Dec-2019Alternate passage divergence of wide chord transonic fan bladesVahdati, Mehdi; Stapelfeldt, Sina; Lu, Yaozhi;
Mar-2018Alternative techniques for detection of inaccessible pipe corrosionCawley, Peter; Lowe, Michael; Khalili, Pouyan
Nov-2019Analytical framework for thermoacoustic devices and experimental validationMartinez-Botas, Ricardo; Lu, Xiaofeng
Sep-2021Analytical models for thermoacoustic interactions in axially varying flowsMorgans, Aimee; Navarro-Martinez, Salvador; Yeddula, Saikumar Reddy;
Jun-2019Anterolateral rotatory instability of the knee: anatomy, biomechanics, and related reconstructionsAmis, Andrew; Gupte, Chinmay; Kittl, Christoph
Sep-2017The anterolateral structures of the knee and the pivot shiftAmis, Andrew; Gupte, Chinmay; Dodds, Alexander Lascelles;
Oct-2013Application of creativity tools to enhance the design of inherently safer urban infrastructureChilds, Peter; Yadrandji Aghdam, Sasan
Oct-2015Application of LES-PDF methods on turbulent reacting flowsNavarro-Martinez, Salvador; Rein, Guillermo; Dodoulas, Ilias
Jun-2022Applications of a numerical method in study of combustion instabilitiesJones, William; Marquis, Andrew; Gong, Yu; , et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 593