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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Experimental determination and modelling of various thermo-physical properties of nuclear materials above 1500 KGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Pavlov, Tsvetoslav;
Oct-2017Atomistic simulations of materials for nuclear fusionGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Jackson, Matthew Lee;
May-2016Exploring the influence of bioactive glasses on stem cell chondrogenesis for tissue engineeringStevens, Molly M.; Saiz Gutierrez, Eduardo; Littmann, Elena;
Jun-2016Calcium phosphate scaffolds with controlled properties for biological applicationsSaiz, Eduardo; Jones, Julian; da Costa Machado, Gil Daniel;
Aug-2019Understanding structure-property relationship of bulk hetero-junction polymer-fullerene blendsStingelin, Natalie; MCLACHLAN, MARTYN A; Matrone, Giovanni Maria;
Jun-2019Multimodal optical systems for clinical oncologyStevens, Molly; Horgan, Conor Ciaran;