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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Investigation of cold dwell facet fatigue in titanium alloys utilising crystal plasticity and discrete dislocation plasticity modelling techniquesDunne, Fionn; Balint, Daniel; Zheng, Zebang;
Oct-2016Advanced biomaterial systems for local control of fate decisions in pluripotent stem cell culturesStevens, Molly M.; Payne, David; Hallen, Sonia Kristina Anna;
Jan-2016Nanomaterials for intracellular fluorescence imaging and sensingStevens, Molly; Porter, Alexandra; dos Santos Almeida, Carina Marisa
Mar-2016Investigation of intrinsic defects and versatility of Zn-doping in SnO2 thin films using pulsed laser depositionMcLachlan, Martyn; Anthopoulos, Thomas; Porte, Yoann Bernard Henri;
Jan-2016Fundamental modelling studies of fatigue crack nucleation & microstructurally short crack growth in superalloyDunne, Fionn; Dye, David; Wan, Victor;
Oct-2016The conservation of polymeric materials in museum collections using advanced surface science and surface analysis techniquesMcPhail, David S.; Georgiou, Theoni; Fricker, Anna L.;
Sep-2016The nucleation and growth of Cu6Sn5 in soldersGourlay, Christopher; Britton, Ben; Xian, Jingwei
Sep-2016Chloride-induced transgranular stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel 304LWenman, Mark Roger; Ryan, Mary P; Giuliani, Finn; Scatigno, Giuseppe Giovanni;
Sep-2016Nanomaterials for biosensing and cancer therapyStevens, Molly; Porter, Alexandra; Jumeaux, Coline Barbara;
Sep-2016Characterisation of mineralised tissues with raman spectroscopyStevens, Molly; Payne, David; You, Amanda;