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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019Development of nanostructured anode materials to mitigate capacity degradation for next-generation lithium-ion batteriesRiley, D. Jason; Xie, Fang; Song, Weixin; , et al
May-2019Understanding and controlling uniaxial negative thermal expansion in Ruddlesden–Popper oxidesMostofi, Arash; Bristowe, Nicholas; Ablitt, Christopher;
Mar-2019Chemically functionalised graphene biosensor for the label-free sensing of exosomesKlein, Norbert; Kwong Hong Tsang, Deana;
Aug-2019Multiscale simulations of critical interfacial failure in carbon nanotube-polymer compositesHaynes, Peter; Mostofi, Arash; Golebiowski, Jacek Roman; , et al
Aug-2019Combining film design and spectroscopic strategies to elucidate triplet dynamics in molecular systemsHeutz, Sandrine; Kay, Christopher W. M.; Lubert-Perquel, Daphne;
Sep-2019Understanding the mechanical properties of fibre-matrix interfaces in flexible composite pipe materialsRyan, Mary; Giuliani, Finn; Spencer, Eden Jonathan;
Feb-2019Microstructural degradation and failure of steels from mechanical loading and hydrogen chargingBritton, T Ben; Ryan, Mary; Hickey, James Lewis Roy;
Jul-2019Ruddlesden-Popper phase materials for solid oxide fuel cells: performance and structural studiesSkinner, Stephen; Aguadero, Ainara; Yatoo, Mudasir;
Jan-2019Performance and stability of nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell cermet electrodesAtkinson, Alan; Brandon, Nigel; Chen, Jingyi;
Aug-2019Examining the charge storage mechanisms of nanoscale nickel hydroxideRiley, Jason; Ryan, Mary; Hadden, Joseph H. L.;