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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Synchrotron X-ray diffraction investigations into the micromechanics of hydrides in zircaloy-4Dye, David; Lindley, Trevor; Weekes, Hannah;
Sep-2015Structure, redox and transport properties of acceptor doped cerium niobatesSkinner, Stephen; Kilner, John; Harris, Cassandra;
Nov-2015Macroscopic and microscopic investigation of spin reorientation of iron tinSkinner, Stephen; Heritage, Kevin;
Aug-2015Processing and microstructural characterisation of UO2-based simulated spent nuclear fuel ceramics for the UK`s advanced gas-cooled reactorsLee, Bill; Wenman, Mark; Hiezl, Zoltan;
May-2015The growth and characterisation of metallic nanoparticlesPayne, David; Alford, Neil; Brooke, Emily; , et al
Nov-2015Quantifying the transport properties of solid oxide fuel cell electrodesKilner, John; Brandon, Nigel; Cooper, Samuel;
Jul-2015Self-healing organic/inorganic compositesSaiz, Eduardo; Georgiou, Theoni; D'Elia, Eleonora;
Sep-2015Nanoscale films for near infrared active plasmonic devicesPetrov, Peter; Alford, Neil; Braic, Laurentiu;
Apr-2015Ab-initio modelling of Zr and Be alloys for nuclear applicationsGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Burr, Patrick;
Dec-2015Emulsion-based supracolloidal materials stabilized by specifically designed branched copolymersStevens, Molly; Stingelin, Natalie; Bell, Robert Valentine;