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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018Enhanced upconversion photoluminescence by novel plasmonic structuresXie, Fang; Ryan, Mary; Qin, Heng
Dec-2018Solution-processed photonics for light and heat managementStingelin, Natalie; Bachevillier, Stefan;
Jun-2018Finite element modelling of nuclear fuel performance in advanced gas-cooled reactorsWenman, Mark; Davies, Catrin; Haynes, Thomas Anthony;
Oct-2018Nanoneedle-based gene transfer for cardiac regeneration & biophysical regulation of cellular stateStevens, Molly; Payne, David; Leonardo, Vincent
Oct-2018Nanostar based platforms for enhanced blood brain barrier crossingRyan, Mary P.; Porter, Alexandra E.; Lopes Rodrigues, Rosalia Cristina
Jan-2018Oxidation of zirconium and uranium carbidesLee, William Edward (Bill); Vandeperre, Luc; Gasparrini, Claudia;
Feb-20183D printing of transition metal dichalcogenidesMattevi, Cecilia; Saiz Gutierrez, Eduardo; Grotta, Chiara
Jan-2018Developing small scale fracture tests for polycrystalline diamondGiuliani, Finn; Britton, Benjamin; Sernicola, Giorgio;
Apr-2018Synroc and glass composite wasteforms for simulated radioactive waste from advanced reprocessingLee, Bill; Hsieh, Yun-Hao;
May-2018Garnet ceramic electrolytes for next-generation lithium batteriesAguadero, Ainara; Kilner, John; Brugge, Rowena;