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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2021Characterisation of porous materials for the adsorption of volatile organic compoundsWilliams, Daryl; Hunter Sellars, Elwin;
Apr-2021Electrochemical-mechanical corrosion phenomenaRyan, Mary; Riley, David Jason; Omirkhan, Aigerim;
Feb-2022The Na|NaSICON interface in sodium solid-state batteriesAguadero, Ainara; Cooper, Samuel, John; Brandon, Nigel; Quérel, Edouard L. P.;
Nov-2021Assessing the printability of alloys in fusion-based additive manufacturing: towards criteria for alloy selectionPham, Minh-Son; Dye, David; Dovgyy, Bogdan
Oct-2020Using impedance engineering to design better ceramic composites for armourVandeperre, Luc; Saiz, Eduardo; Teo, Jia Hui;
Mar-2021Transition metal nitrides as alternative plasmonic materialsPetrov, Peter; Bower, Ryan;
Jul-2021Environmentally assisted cracking on titanium alloysDye, David; Lindley, Trevor; Pedrazzini, Stella; Shi, Yitong;
Jun-2020Complex polymer architectures via group transfer polymerisationGeorgiou, Theonitsa; Stingelin, Natalie; Carroll, Dean Robert;
Nov-2021In Silico study of hydrogel adhesivesAngioletti-Uberti, Stefano; Xie, Kaiye
Oct-2020Materials engineering strategies on nanostructured WO3 photoanodes for solar water splittingXie, Fang; Durrant, James; Malms, Lukas