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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2021Mechanisms of fatigue crack nucleation near non-metallic inclusions in Ni-based superalloysDunne, Fionn; Pham, Minh-Son; Bergsmo, Alexander Hoggan
Sep-2020Plasmonic enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting by hematite-based nanocompositesXie, Fang; Riley, David Jason; Jiang, Qianfan
Nov-2021Hierarchical Strengthening of Polycrystal-Inspired Lattice MaterialsPham, Minh-Son; Dunne, Fionn; Lertthanasarn, Jedsada
Aug-2021Theory and simulation of electronic and optical properties of charged defects in two-dimensional semiconductorsLischner, Johannes; Mostofi, Arash; Aghajanian, Martik;
Sep-2021High-throughput virtual screening of molecules for photon conversionWalsh, Aron; Hoye, Robert; Verma, Shomik;
Feb-2021Component based method of ab initio simulation for nanoscale electronic devices and circuitsHorsfield, Andrew; White, Catherine;
Aug-2021Nucleation and microstructure study of ╬▓Sn in lead-free soldersGourlay, Christopher; Britton, Thomas; Daszki, Armin;
Oct-2021First-principles simulation of charge injection at metal/polymer interfacesMostofi, Arash; Bristowe, Nicholas; Wang, Yiyuan;
Sep-2021Self-assembly of ABA triblock methacrylate copolymersGeorgiou, Theonitsa; Xie, Fang; Zhang, Xinmo
Dec-2021The quantum mechanical origin of the Einstein-De Haas effectHorsfield, Andrew; Foulkes, William; Wells, Tomos J.;