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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2020Investigations of Pb and Ni uptake in cementitious environmentsRyan, Mary; Vandeperre, Luc; Plausinaitis, Kristijonas;
Aug-2020Modelling of nuclear structural materialsGrimes, Robin; Wenman, Mark; Than, Yan Ren
Jun-2020Theory and simulation of domain walls in halide perovskitesHaynes, Peter; Bristowe, Nicholas; Warwick, Andrew Ralph;
Dec-2020Stereolithography printing of PCL-based bone graft substitutesStevens, Molly; Jonathan, Jeffers; Ovrebo, Oystein;
Apr-2020Engineering hierarchical architectures for bio-inspired photonicsStingelin, Natalie; Stavrinou, Paul; Chen, Shengyang;
Dec-2020Microstructurally-sensitive short crack growth in Zircaloy-4Dunne, Fionn; Pham, Minh-Son; Wan, Weifeng;
May-2020High emissivity coating containing ceria on basic refractory brick for cement rotary kilnLee, William Edward; Daniel, Doni Jayaselan; Juthapakdeeprasert, Jindaporn;
Nov-2020Quantitative electron microscopy for microstructural characterisationDye, David; McAuliffe, Thomas Patrick;
Jul-2020Micromechanics of twin nucleation and growth in magnesium alloysDunne, Fionn; Paramatmuni, Chaitanya;
Oct-2020Chloride induced stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steels within the nuclear industryWenman, Mark; Dong, Peilong;