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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016CVD graphene: growth, transfer, properties and device applicationsKlein, Norbert; Alford, Neil; Goniszewski, Stefan;
Nov-20163-D printed flexible hybrids for tissue regenerationJones, Julian R.; Saiz, Eduardo; Tallia, Francesca
Nov-2016Developments in fluence rate modelling for ultraviolet light emitting diode based water treatment reactorsMoram, Michelle; Simons, Richard Mark;
Sep-2016Development of nanoparticle-based biosensing for molecular diagnosticsStevens, Molly; Brangel, Polina;
Sep-2016Atomic layer deposition of alumina and zinc oxide for optoelectronic devicesMcLachlan, Martyn; Alford, Neil; Burgess, Claire Hannah;
Sep-2016The effect of chemical and mechanical lattice strain on the transport properties of thin film and bulk PrCoO3-δSkinner, Stephen; Kilner, John; Lew, Mabel;
Sep-2016Room temperature vacuum processing of zinc acetate and oxide filmsHeutz, Sandrine; Ryan, Mary; Kim, Yong Ryun
Sep-2016Polymer-templated synthesis of nanoparticlesDunlop, Iain; Ryan, Mary; Podhorska, Lucia
Nov-2016Evaluating the irradiation and processing history of potential radiological device materialsGrimes, Robin; Jarvis, Kym; Marsden, Olivia; Hodgson, Andrew Phillip James;
Oct-2016Raman spectral imaging in tissue engineering & regenerative medicine applicationsStevens, Molly; Payne, David; Kallepitis, Charalambos